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مدير Nvidia التنفيذي واثق من اتمام صفقة الاستحواذ على ARM في 2022


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في مقابلة مع موقع Venturebeat مدير Nvidia جنسن هوانج واثق من عملية اتمام الاستحواذ على ARM في 2022 ..

I’m very confident that the regulators will see the wisdom of the transaction. It will provide a surge of innovation. It will create new options for the marketplace. It will allow ARM to be expanded into markets that otherwise are difficult for them to reach themselves. Like many of the partnerships I announced, those are all things bringing AI to the ARM ecosystem, bringing Nvidia’s accelerated computing platform to the ARM ecosystem — it’s something only we and a bunch of computing companies working together can do. The regulators will see the wisdom of it, and our discussions with them are as expected and constructive. I’m confident that we’ll still get the deal done in 2022, which is when we expected it in the first place, about 18 months.

جنسن يتحدث عن أهمية الابقاء على ARM كمنصة مفتوحة و ترخيص السوفتوير المخصص لها ..

The ARM license, as you mentioned — acquiring ARM is a very similar approach to the way we think about all of computing. It’s an open platform. We sell our chips. We license our software. We put everything out there for the ecosystem to be able to build bespoke, their own versions of it, differentiated versions of it. We love the open platform approach.

— NVIDIA CEO and President, Jensen Huang



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