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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم​

2- مليون لاعب في World of Warcraft

Sounds of 'KERCHING!' must be echoing around Blizzard HQ as the developer has announced that World of Warcraft has recently surpassed the two million paying subscribers mark worldwide.
"World of Warcraft continues to surpass all expectations as gamers around the world embrace it with overwhelming support," says Blizzard president Mike Morhaime while no doubt reclining in a bath of golden groats and being served Runn Tum Tuber Surprise by scantily clad elven ladies. "We want to thank our players for their incredible response, and we promise to continue supporting World of Warcraft with more updates and content."

Two million subscribers is a monster figure, but Blizzard fully expects this to be, in its own words, "shattered quickly" now that World of Warcraft has launched in China.
Blizzard's MMORPG has of course recently witnessed the addition of long-awaited PvP-dedicated feature Battlegrounds, which the developer describes as "the single biggest update to the game yet" and Morhaime promises that this is "just the beginning of greater enhancements to come." Good news for those two million-plus and growing subscribers there then.

Next on Blizzard's hit list with WoW is Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, where the game will launch later this year

وصل عدد المسجلين إلى 2 مليون مسجل باللعبة ، و تستعد اللعبة للانطلاق في تايوان ، هونغ كونغ و ماكاو ، و من جهة اخرى نفت بليزارد وجود خطط لإصدار اللعبة على الاكس بوكس 360 .

-صورتين جديد Call of Duty 2

-Guild War المنافس الجديد و الشرس لورلد أوف وور كرافت نالت 94 من 100 في مراجعة CVG و بهذا تكون قد حصلت على تققيم مرتفع جديد ينضم لل9.2 من جيم سبوت.
ولعل أهم ما يميزها بالإضافة لمستواها العالي أنها لا تحتاج لاشتراك شهري كباقي ألعاب الMMoRPG .

-المزيد من ألعاب C&C ?

A very long time ago I saw on the EALA jobs site several wanted ads for console programers, to make a Battle for Middle Earth port for the consoles. The ads further claimed that EALA had already a working iteration of the SAGE (similar to the Generals iteration of the same engine) running on the PlayStation 2.
Right after the release of Battle for Middle Earth and before leaving EALA (yep, he left, they have even finally updated the executives web page of EALA), Mark Skaggs has "announced" a new Red Alert in the making at EALA. At that stage the so called announcement was very much premature.
In a recent interview with GameSpy, our old Westwood Studios friend Lou Castle, now VP at EALA, has mentioned that they are indeed working on something new - seemingly in the C&C brand (since the question asked directly about C&C).
Now this: A GameSpy Tactical Surveillance page entitled "Command & Conquer (PSP)" (thanks goes to I.C.J for the link):
Based on the classic Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert releases, the strategy series deploys into the handheld arena with an interface customized for portable play.
What does this all mean? Well, it means something exciting, something weird and something... really really weird (and I'm not talking about Westwood Studios being listed as the developer on that page).
تتوقع مواقع الفانز لسلسلة كوماند أند كونكر إصدار إعلان رسمي قريبا عن مزيد من ألعاب السلسلة ، خصوصا بعد وضع إعلانات لتوظيف مبرمجين جدد ، و الوصف المريب للعبة كوماند أند كونكر على الPSP في قسم اللعبة بجيم سباي و الحديث عن استخدام الSAGE و هو محرك جنرالز (آخر إصدارات السلسلة) على البلايستيشن2 ، و يرجح موقع CNCden ظهور هذا الإعلان في الذكرى السنوية العاشرة للسلسلة .