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Grandia III مزيد من الصور: شخصية جديدة

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Square Enix benefitted from the weekend to reveal new screenshots of Grandia III which introduces to us today a new character of the name of Alonso. Alonso will thus be part, him also, of the team of the Yuuki young person which, all together, will have to explore an announced world very vast and detailed via the new graphic engine. Grandia III will propose a dynamic system of combat making it possible to the players to carry out various combos and sequences devastators. Envisaged on August 4 in Japan, Grandia III will leave exclusively out of PlayStation 2.
لوووووووووول احسه داخل غلط باللعبة :suspiciou



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رسومات هذي اللعبة ابداااااااااااااااااااع 0_0 .. Can't Wait
الشخصيه هاذي أحس انها متناقضه :confused:

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القرون لها قصتها وهذي تعبتر اول Side Story اكشفها عن اللعبه..وشيء جميل نشوف هالشيء..
وبانتظار النسخه الامريكيه..