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مع ال psp تستطيع تصفح HardDisk الps3 + الكثيــــر

James Killer

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PlayStation 3 firmware 1.80 was released, which enabled a variety of extra features for the console, including adding the Remote Play ability--anyone with a PSP could then access his or her PS3 over the Internet.

Now the 3.50 firmware update for the PSP updates the handheld to be Remote Play ready as well. Owners of both gaming machines won't be able to access DVD or Blu-ray movies or play PS3 games from their handhelds, but they will be able to access music, other videos, pictures, and their friends lists.

Firmware update 3.50 also adds an RSS channel guide for PSP owners who use their portables to receive news and other RSS feeds



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نعم.. هذا ابتكار جديد من سوني واكيد تشكر عليه..
PSP + PS3 <3

ryo hazuki

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PSP could then access his or her PS3 over the Internet
يعني هل اقدر اتصفح محتويات ال ps3 و هيه في البيت و موصوله بالنت و انا في لبنان واوصل psp بالنت ؟