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تيزر جيم بلاي لـN++ مع معلومات وصور جديدة

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N++ will also feature several multiplayer modes which let you cooperate or compete with your friends. Co-op sees two ninjas helping each other to reach the exit alive; these levels tend to be fairly devious and often involve traps and tricks which players must figure out together. Race mode is, as the name suggests, a 4-player race to the exit. The rules encourage some risk/reward excitement, and you’ll have to decide whether it’s better to just bolt for the exit, or grab some gold on the way.
We’re also introducing a new Deathmatch mode, inspired by one of our favourite classic freeware games, Jump n Bump (you can try it here, best with four players). This mode will feature arena-like levels where ninjas battle to survive. We’ll talk more about the multiplayer modes in a later post, but hopefully this is enough to pique your curiosity for now!

We’re still in the process of making levels, but so far it looks like there will be over 1,000 new levels in the game, which will all have global and friend leaderboards. There’s also a level editor, so should you ever get bored of the built-in levels, you can create your own and share them globally (these will have leaderboards as well).

We have lots of fancy surprises to layer on top of the stylish graphics and fabulous particle effects you can see in the screenshots – and we’ll be throwing in a handful of our patented “fun-lockables” as well. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what you can look forward to in N++. We’ll be back with more soon. Until then, watch the teaser trailer at the top of this post to see N++ in motion for the first time. Thanks for reading!
الصور وبعض المعلومات الأخرى

متحمس للعبة بشكل فضيع لدرجة اني شريت جهاز البلاي 4 من بدري خوفا من مشاكل الشحنات مع صدور اللعبة :raised_hands:

N++ مع ترايلز فيجون ودارك سولوز2 في وقت متقارب راح تخلي الكونترولر عندي يبكي هاهاهاها