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تسريب مشروع EPIC القادم!


من VGLeaks
Washington DC, year 2043 in a future that shares elements with other Sci-Fi products. This premise should be enough to present “PROJECT NANO”, a game internally called “Blueprint” by Epic Games.

This title could be the new upcoming franchise from Epic, creators of Gears of War & Unreal.

The downtown area is drenched in layer of heavy acidic POLLUTION. Beneath the choking smog is perpetual night where children don gasmasks to play. If you could clamber five stories above street level, one might glimpse the sun. The city expands sideways and slipshod above the pollution. The rooftops are connected by crisscrossed highways made from bits and pieces, whatever works to stay above the soup.

South-East: The TENTH is a ruined crater. Concrete slabs float in a soup of nanobots. Shorn high-rises, gnarled with rebar and rubble, claw at the sky. Thin figures dart between rubble and fog.

North: METACORPS headquarters. The enormous towers are resplendent in the day; a sentinel that shadows the capital. A handful of gleaming A-Grav cruisers buzz around its platforms. From the Capitol, they look like flies.

LYRIK, 23, muscular, eyes slightly brighter than Napoleon’s Tomb, balances on a flagpole above the smog. She bounces on her perch and glares at MetaCorps’ HQ. So much energy on show that she seems caged within her skin. Standing on the roof behind her, OWEN calmly lights a cigarette. His brow darkens while he breathes smoke, so goddamned impatient. They hear the rebel signal they’ve been waiting for: the thud of an easterly explosion. “Time to move,” Owen says but Lyrik has already leapt six stories down into the polluted cloud and she’s gone. Owen sucks his teeth, flicks his cigarette, and takes his own plunge to the murk below.

This new franchise might consist in a trilogy of games, all of them headed to next gen consoles with strong focus on mobile and social connectivity.



Main features for Blueprint:

Co Op + MP Action game (Gears-size “sandbox” maps)

10-12 hours SP

2 Main Characters (AI Assistant in SP): the first idea was a female character, Lyrik Syverson, and a male one called Owen MacKinnon, but it is very possible that the project will shift to 2 males characters (Owen and Sondo)



العبة راح تكون بأسم BLUEPRINT وراح تصدر على اجهزة الجيل القادم والاجهزة المحمولة

التعديل الأخير:


True Gamer
اتمنى اشوف شي منهم ولكن يكون مغاير كلياً عن لعبتهم السابقة، بإنتظار اشياء اكثر توضح طريقة اللعب و القصة.


True Gamer
السواليف هذي تنفع لليابان فقط! اقصد استديو ومنتجين جابنيز!!

على العموم الصور حلوه والشخصيات شكلها جذاب! :::grin:::

Turki 14

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من المبكر أن الواحد يحكم بس أشوف أن الشخصيات نمطية


True Gamer
تصميم الشخصيات تحس إنه آربيجي ياباني و هالشيء يمكن يجذبني للعبة
بس البيئة غربية و كأنها كيلزون و إلخ و الوحوش فضائيين


الارت بايخ و مجنرك كعادة العاب ايبك . الشخصيات شكلها حليو و اشوفهم ماسكين
سيوف (هاك اند سلاش ؟!)
اي شي من ايبك يستحق المتابعه . نشوف كيف تطلع اللعبة


True Gamer
اممم لا بأس؟ ماني شايف شي يجذب للأن ...
علم امريكا بكل مكان بكل الالعاب الامريكيه خلاص درينا انه امريكان اللي مسوين اللعبه:stuck_out_tongue_cl

اللعبه بدري عليها راح تنزل بعد سنه