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أخيرا Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conquerer of Shambala .


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بدأ عرض فلم فل ميتل ألكيميست المنتظر Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conquerer of Shambala في صالات السينما اليابانية من بعد سنة من انتهاء المسلسل .

قريبا نشوف الانطباعات .


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شكله الفلم سيئ كعادة المسلسلات القوية " ناروتو , ون بيس " .

أول رأي :

So today was supposed to be like christmas. I had a hard time sleeping last night in anticipation for the new Bones film opening today. Going by their last two films, Bebop movie and RX movie, which were AAA quality and going by the finale of FMA TV which was AAA quality I was expecting the film of the year when I walked into the first showing of the FMA film. And ...it was kinda bad :(

The film is allright but it's main problem is that it comes off as some generic movie version of a TV show. The film is closer to the Naruto and One Piece films, or the FMA video game stories than something epic and film-like as was the case in the Bebop movie. Just like most generic TV->Movie conversions, the film is very shallow, non-epic, defies a lot of the logic of the tv series to the point of being ridiculous, and is not very powerful or satisfying. This is pretty sad after the very powerful amazing end to the TV series and the potential that the movie had to take it even farther.

I think the main problem is that they were trying to fit too much and felt like they wanted to include everyone and everything from the TV series into this 1:45min movie. Also the music was not used very well nor was it that great. The final eps of FMA TV had lots of powerful songs to push the animation, but this just didn't. When something happened to someone in the film, you were just like "oh...ok" and you don't really care. In fact because of the so-so way they wrapped up the tales of characters like Envy, Hoenheim, etc... I'd almost like to pretend the film doesn't exist as the TV series had much better and more interesting ends for them.

So yea, it's an ok entertaining flick just like the Naruto film was an ok entertaining flick...but I expect a lot more from Bones so it was pretty weak IMO. Something like a 2.5 stars out of 4.

Now for horrible horrible plot spoilers including logic faults I had with the film
الكاتب بمنتدى جيمنج ايج و اسمه Bebpo , تبي تقرأ سبويلرز عن القصة ؟ Here


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بيني و بينك و بين الي يقرأ أنا أصلا ما شفت فلم ناروتو :D .

بس سمعت النقاد , و أكيد فلم FMA ( على فكره تراه اسمي الثلاثي :D ) لازم ينشاف لأنه تكملة القصة ;) .
الانمي اروع انمي شفته
(مع اني ما اطيق النهايات المفتوحة
) .. واتمنى ان الفيلم يكمل خفايا القصة
.... متى راح ينزل الـDVD
طبعا افضل انمي شفته ..ولو كان الفلم سيئ على الاقل القصه تكون مكمله وهذا اكثر شي راح يخلي متابع الانمي يشوفه مثل ماقلت .. -___________-"" المهم عندي القصه فقط ..

اقول ..المانغا للانمي خلصت ولا لا ..^^
فل ميتل ألكمست يعتبر القصة الأفضل في تاريخ الأنيمي .. مثل ما يعتبر فف7 القصة الأضخم في تاريخ سلسلة فاينل فانتسي .. و سلسلة زينو القصة الأضخم في تاريخ السلاسل .. طبعا على حسب رأيي .

ما عندي انتظار أكثر حتى يطيح الفيلم بين ايدي .. عن جد متحمس نااااااار حتى أعرف نهاية القصة و الشخصيات :)
والله حمستونا يا شباب على الفلم و لا اوصيكم اول ما ينزل على النت اعطونا الرابط

واحلى شي قصة التكميل هذي :D

تحياتي ;)