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  • April 2 is my birthday =P hmmm yeah casual gamers don't play with sticks

    but bro. i cant even make a combo with analog or the d-pad, it sucks! i hope they release arcade stick

    with the game for the consoles.
    YESSSS :D:D my birthday is on april 2 =P man im sooo happy

    3 years of developing, 2d, and the name of the game is KoF :rockon:

    Moh'd we have to meet and play it man, i love to play kof with an arcade stick :D it better 4 combos u know.
    BETA TEST :wow: i think as you said it wasnt ready but man this game is not getting what it really deserves!!!

    i mean atleast new pictures or just a 10 second teaser, its the best fighting game

    but im sure in TGS there will be atleast some pictures and new gameplay footage

    and i hope to hear when its going to be released cause i cant wait!!
    Hey Wicked how are you? Long time no see

    Do you have any idea about when is the new KoF going to be released

    i cant wait im hyping myself and i guess only me and you that are intrested :).
    Dude وينك من زمان عنك بالله شارك فالمنتدى

    لأنه انت الوحيد الي احسك مشاركني فرحة KoF لول P:
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