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الموضوع الرسمي Fable 3 | رمم/دمر Albion

كنت باشتريها اليوم مع الاكس كاول لعبة لي على الجهاز .. جرحت مشاعري .. متاكد انها سيئة حقا ؟ لو كان هكذا اي نصائح اخرى لاشتريها مع الجهاز >_>
فيبل 3 لعبه رهيبه و ممتعه .. بس زي ما قال مشاري اضعف جزء في السلسله

لو كومبات سيستم فيبل3 في الثاني بيكون شيء خورافي
من Giant Bomb

Streamlining and simplifying the user interface is a noble goal, but I really feel like Lionhead threw the baby out with the bathwater here. In-game, you no longer see helpful things like a life bar, so you never know exactly how close to death you are, nor how many health potions you have remaining (unless you're in battle), so you don't know when you need to go buy more. But you do see an enormous reminder containing your current quest's name and description that takes up at least the top fifth of the screen. That thing never seems to go away when you want it to. And while the game will occasionally pop up D-pad shortcuts to things like the map, they only appear when some sort of internal logic deems them necessary. Why shouldn't up on the D-pad always take you to the map, instead of only when the game thinks you might want to see the map? It's an unfriendly and downright baffling way to handle the interface, which should just quickly lead you to basic, important game functions instead of only dangling them in front of you from time to time.
بالضبط يابها عالجرح Giant Bomb هذي مشاكل اللعبه اللي قاهرتني.
بادئ الموضوع #98
مراجعة ثامر :



أيضا نزل DLC لها سعره 400 نقطة، بس شكله مايسوى من المراجعات له :
Understone Quest Pack will allow players to venture into Understone, a "mysterious town built beneath the streets of Bowerstone," to find a new quest with a moral decisions to make. The DLC also adds a replayable shooting range and arena challenges.

مهمة مع منطقة صغيرة جديدة مع تحديات قصر Reaver مع shooting range ..