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مصادر : جوجل تتهم مايكروسوفت بخفض جودة سيرفر الجيم باس عمداً على نظام كروم!!!!!


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Google is also an opponent of the deal, according to two of the people with knowledge of the matter. The company has argued that Microsoft has purposely degraded the quality of its Game Pass subscription service when used with Google’s Chrome operating system, and owning Activision would further its incentive to do so, ultimately steering hardware sales towards Microsoft and away from Google, the people said.


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يقصدون نظام تشغيل Chrome OS للابتوب والكمبيوتر

فيقولون متعمدة تقدم اداء اسوأ عليه لدفع الناس تجاه شراء لابتوب/كمبيوتر ويندوز