Gundam00 ( الموضوع الرسمي ) كل ماتحتاج معرفته عن الاسطورة القادمة

The Sinner

عضو سابق في فريق العمل
بادئ الموضوع #1
Gundam 00

نوع الانمي : Mecha , Drama, Sci-Fi

عدد الحلقات : الموسم الاول 25 حلقة

تاريخ العرض : السبت الموافق 2007/10/6

Director - Seiji Mizushima

Series Composition - Yousuke Kuroda

Character design - Yun Kouga

Animation character design - Michinori Chiba

Mechanic design - Kunio Okawara, Kanetake Ebikawa, Takayuki Yanase

Mechanic concept design - Hitoshi Fukuchi, Kenji Teraoka

Animation mechanic design - Seiichi Nakatani


تدور احداث القصة في عام 2307 حيث اصبح المصدر الاول للطاقة الوقود في نفاذ فبدأت الدول بتطوير مصدر اخر للطاقة وهو Solar Energy ولكن هناك تقريبا 3 مفاعلات لهذه الطاقة الجديدة والقوية موجودة لدى 3 تحالفات وهم

The union

The League
Russia ,India,China

ولكن حتى في هذا الزمن لاتزال الحروب قائمة بين هذه الثلاث القوى العظمى ولكن هناك منظمة ليست تابعة لاي من الدول وتتصرف على مبادئها وهي منع الحروب في هذا العالم تدعى
Celestial Being وهذه المنظمة تمتلك اربعة اسلحة تعتبر الاكثر تقدما من نوعها وهي تدعى MS Gundam وهم بالمختصر عبارة عن اليات متطورة كل واحد منها يمتلك قدرة خاصة عن الاخر ويقودها اربعة شبان منهم البطل

مفهوم خاطئ عن Gundam

البعض ممن يسمعون كلمة Gundam او يرون بعضا من لقطاته يظنون بانه انمي Mecha بحت وان العنصر الرئيسي الذي تتمحور حوله القصة هو الاليات فهذا مفهوم خاطئ كليا فان الثيم الرئيسي لاي جندم هو الحرب وعواقبها ومسبباتها وكيفية نشوء النزاعات والاختلافات بين الشعوب وكيفية حلها بالاضافة الى افكار اخرى تتعلق بامور فالغالب تكون مثيرة للجدل بالاضافة الى قصة الشخصيات الرئيسية بالانمي وكيف تؤثر هذه العوامل على تطور شخصيته

Setsuna F. Seiei

بطل هذا الانمي وهو شاب التحق بسليستيا عندما كان في الرابعة عشر من العمر وهو من منطقة الشرق الاوسط ( يعني من قرابتنا لول ) وامضى فيها سنتان وهو الان يبلغ من العمر ستة عشر سنة هو من النوع الكتوم الذي لايعبر عن مشاعرها كثيرا ولكنه في نفس الوقت من النوع الهادئ والكول :laugh:
اثرت الحروب التي كانت في المنطقة عليه وهو يقود Gundam Exia

تعليق على القصة

هذه المرة الاولى في الانمي التي تكون الاحداث فيها مقاربة الى عصرنا وليست في زمن بعيد جدا ويقول الكاتب بانه يريد ان يقتبس من واقعنا اليوم في هذا الانمي وليس مجرد قصة خيالية بالكامل

Gundam 00بماذا يختلف عن غيره

لعل اول اختلاف في الانمي هذا عن غيره من سابقيه هي تقسيمه الى جزئين كل واحد منهم عبارة عن 25 حلقة حيث كان في ما مضى عبارة عن موسم واحد طويل على خلال السنة مدته 50 حلقة تقريبا بالاضافة الى انه في هذه المرة القصة تواكب عصرنا الحاضر بالاضافة الى المخرج الجديد الذي لم يعمل على اي من انميات جندم السابقة مما سيجعله ياخذ طابعا جديدا

صور لشخصيات الانمي الرئيسية وكل مع اليه

Lockon Stratos Dainames

Setsuna Exia

Allelujah Kyrios

Tieria Virtiu

بعض المعلومات عن الGundam

GN-001 Gundam Exia

Head height: 18.3m
Base weight: 57.2 tons
"Because of the GN particles eminating from the GN Drive within the unit, it has astounding mobility and near infinite energy. Compared to currently-in-use MS, it introduces a great deal of high technology."
Famitsu's write-up indicates this MS has 7 blades. A close-combat, high-mobility, The GN particles eminated into the air cause radio wave interference and disrupt ordinary radar and communications.

GN-002 Gundam Dynames

Head height: 18.2m
Base weight: 59.1 tons
"Same as the other Gundams, equipped with a GN Drive. It's emphasis is gun warfare. Has many guns suitable for missions and a GN Sniper Rifle as standard equipment. When it carries out precision shooting, the head transforms into Sniper Mode with a concealed camera eye appearing. During that time, a rifle-style controller is used

GN-003 Gundam Kyrios

Head height: 18.9m
Base weight: 54.8 tons
"Variable unit that can transform into a flight form. In its flight form, it has a rear arms container and can deal with every mission with versatility.While it excels at hit-and-run attacks in its flight form, even in its MS form has offensive capabilities to match other Gundams

GN-005 Gundam Virtue

Head height: 18.4m
Base weight: 66.7 tons
"Heavily armed type and has powerful weapons such as the GN Bazooka and GN Cannon. It expands the GN Field, covering itself with a barrier and has considerably high defense

بعض المقابلات المهمة والمثيرة منها مع مخرج الانمي وغيره (فيها معلومات حلوة ومهمة اقروها لاتشقحوها :laugh:)

This month's anime magazines had interviews with Seiji Mizushima, the director of the Gundam 00 series. Below is a translation of an interview from Animage magazine. A Newtype magazine interview will be up tomorrow.

Q: Tell us how the title "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" came about?
A: It started as a temporary title, but it ended up being the official title. Originally I wanted to have a cool name, but we all forgot about it. Besides the obvious reason of starting from zero, there are other reasons. Right now it is a secret, but it will become a keyword as the story progresses.

Q: Reason behind why this series is set in the future of our world?
A: I personally have no deep knowledge about UC or CE so jumping into their worlds would be inappropriate and offensive to the staff who worked on those series. To me, it made perfect sense to make this series connected to our world. By doing this, it is easier to reflect our history and blend it with the series. At this moment, I am not focusing too much about making this ultra real or serious. This is entertainment after all so I'll mirror some of the real world issues in this series like I have with the anime I worked on in the past.

Q: What kind of Gundam story are you aiming for?
A: Don't know if this is a good or bad thing. I haven't watched a lot of the previous Gundam series. When I was first offered this job, I thought to myself, "Aren't there more Gundam-minded people than me?" Sunrise told me "We want to create a new Gundam so the director doesn't have to know a lot about Gundam." I have staff like Yousuke Kuroda and mecha designers, who are Gundam fans, so they will make sure it is Gundam while I will try to create without thinking too much that this is a Gundam series. Perhaps, this might be the theme, but I will bring my own Gundam-ness to the series.

Q: What is your Gundam-ness?
A: One is writing about war. Gundam is a weapon after all. This doesn't mean I'm going to be devoted to battles scenes. Instead I believe it is important to approach the war theme straightforward. (Gunota note: from here he tries to be funny) Other than that, a mobile weapon walking on 2 legs using beam sabers and a beam rifle. Then the basic stuff like Gundam is red, blue, yellow, and white. *laughs* This time, we are being more adventurous with the designs. If you have these 4 colors, they look like Gundam. *laughs*

Q: The pilots of the Gundams belong to a group who are trying to end war. What are you trying to say with this?
A: Let's take this one phrase, "Using force to end wars" and see what happens when someone carries out this contradicting act. "What do you start to see?" is one of things I want to write. Since this is a drama involving these characters, you will see "What happens to the world when they pilot the Gundam? What will these pilots do and how will they change?" This will be the gut of the series for sure.

Q: How will the MS designs and battle action turn out?
A: We hope to bring 2 styles: one is the super action style from SEED, second are actions that take advantage of the MS. When the plot of Gundams entering the conflict was being setup, we had a conversation saying "It might be all right for the Gundams to be super mecha." Therefore, the antagonist's MS was designed reflecting today's weapons and the Gundams were designed to confront them. It will feel like super mecha vs real mecha. The concept of the Gundam being far superior is one concept I had from the beginning. I don't know how much of that you will see, but the staff will follow along and hopefully you might see some odd looking scenes.

Q: Lastly, a message for the fans of the upcoming series.
A: While this will be a drama connecting people with people or people with the world, I will not be forcing answers on them. I'm hoping this series will motivate viewers into thinking. A Gundam novice like me is working real hard creating a new Gundam so I hope the previous fans and new fans will support us.

Mizushima NT interview
Newtype had an interview with Mizushima which covered different topics from the Animage one.

Source: Newtype
Q: A 15-second long promo video appeared after Toward the Terra on June 2. Any response from the public?
A: They were a lot of responses and they were fast, too. A day after the promo, my friend who was eating at a restaurant overheard young people talking about the next Gundam by watching it on their mobile phones.

Q: This Gundam doesn't take place in ___ Era, instead it takes place in Seireki (anno domini aka AD) 2307.
A: I wanted to do it in AD. Since my knowledge regarding UC and CE is very low, doing it in AD would be a lot easier and allow me to bring in real world agendas.

Q: Was bringing a real world agenda the start of your concept?
A: Since this is Mobile Suit Gundam, I believe you are placed in a situation where you have to write something about war. If that is the case, it could be on something like a conflict or terror we see today. In a Gundam series, the Gundam serves as a weapon which allows me to do these things. It is possible to make this story a fantasy, but I didn't want to do that with this Gundam. I wanted an era based on today's world.

Q: Setsuna F. Seiei, the main character, is a former soldier from the Middle East. This smells like the ethnic and religious clash we have today.
A: 300 years from now, I don't think this problem will be solved. However, I don't want to present a solution to this social problem. If young people ended up searching on the net, it would be worth making the series. Instead of just watching the events, I'm personally hoping we can approach it more closely. For us, it is hard to understand the thoughts of people who are living under war conditions, but we can know a little bit by studying. I want to absorb them and express them on film. I do believe this is a hard thing to do.

There is another challenge. I'm aiming for a new innovation as far as MS action goes. Each group will have their own MS, unique in shape and movement as well. To put it simply, a normal MS will have realistic behavior. Since Gundams are super weapons, they will have super mechanic movements. These differences will be purposely put in place and I'm looking forward to how much variety of actions we can express. I want everyone to look forward to this because I am, too.

Q: Setsuna is described as a cool person who hardly reveals any emotion. Does this mean he is keeping his feelings inside himself regarding why he fights?
A: That is still a secret. *laughs* His past is difficult to understand which probably makes him look cool. Once people see the facts, they will understand.

Q: Why did you decide on him as the main character?
A: At first, I wanted a character that doesn't fit a typical Japanese person. Then I went through the process of what this young person and I would do if I were placed in these circumstances. I believe this is an important step when you develop a story.

Q: This is far away from the viewer's standpoint.
A: Yes, it is. Which is why I asked Yun Kouga for character designs. If this wasn't Kouga-san's designs, people might have been afraid, grossed out, or not even empathize. It may sound like this is all we're doing based on my conversation, but it is only part of it. This is an entertainment show so we'll have those other elements, too.

Q: Will there be any romance?
A: There will be plenty of romance even under these harsh circumstances. *laughs* Yousuke Kuroda is going to include lots of romance in the story.

Q: Which means a heroine character is going to appear?
A: We haven't made that public yet? There is one, a 24-year-old heroine. She's been through a lot of difficulties.

Q: Will she be Setsuna's primary interest?
A: Umm, we haven't decided that yet. Again, she's been through a lot...
لول تعبت باقي بعض السكانات بحجز رد زيادة لها عشان احطها بعدين

The Sinner

عضو سابق في فريق العمل
بادئ الموضوع #2
بعض المصطلحات الموجودة بالانمي متكاسل اترجمها :angry:

Celestial Being:

The mysterious organization that strives to end all wars and change the world with only 4 Mobile Suits. Aside from the aim to put an end to all warfare, they have no ties to any government, is strictly non-profit and subscribes to no particular ideology.


Super weapons created independantly by Celestial Being, they are a second-generation technology compared to anything the two superpowers in the world have to offer. They are machines made to take out entire armies individually.

Solar Generator:

A top secret technology being researched, this is the common name for the Energy source GN Drive. When mass is destroyed without the discharge of gun particles, a great amount of positron and photon are generated. Smaller units have also been designed, and the special advantage is the non-generation of excess heat. The GUNDAM units are powered with this technology.

GN Particles:

A sort of mutation neutrion discovered by chance, it is the origin of the research behind the GN Drive. When the GN Drive is in operation, these particles are automatically generated. When they're in the air they have the special property of shutting down all radar systems completely.

The Cast
Lockon Stratos: Shinichiro Miki
Allelujah Haptism: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Tieria Erde: Hiroshi Kamiya
Sumeragi Ri Noriega: Youko Honna
Alejandro Corner: Yasunori Matsumoto
Wang Liu Mi: Kei Shindou
Hong Rong: Kenji Takahashi
Lasse Aion: Hiroki Touchi
Felt Grace: Ayahi Takagaki
Christina Sierra: Arise Satou
Lichtendahl Caeli: Masataka Azuma
Haro: Arisa Ogasawara
Billy Katagiri: Yuji Ueda
Graham Acre: Yuuichi Nakamura
Patrick Corlasawar: Kenji Hamada
Saji Crossroad: Miyu Irino
Kinue Crossroad: Aya Endo
Louise Halevy: Chiwa Saitou
Marina Ismail: Ayumi Tsunematsu
Sergei Smirnov: Unshou Ishizuka
Ioria Schuhenberg: Chikao Ohtsuka

Fan sub

للحين ما تاكد مين بيترجمه بس كاشاعة اولية ان واحد منهم بيكون Nyon ما احبهم كثير ان شاء الله يكون فيه غير وانا متاكد من هالشي هم بالترجمة والوضوح تمام بس احيانا ملفاتهم تكون مضروبة :angry:

Some Scans Enjoy


Mista Koo

Creative Director
تنصحها لواحد ما يتابع ميكا و ما عمره شاف جاندم إلا بالغلط ؟ لأني سامع ناس يقولوا إن هذا fanservice للفانز ؟
نفس السؤال ببالي.. أنا عندي عقدة ضد الـMecha
والقصة مرتبطة ببعض؟ لأنه عندي Gundam Seed كامل بس الرسم (أو كواليتي الحلقات.. مو متأكد) ما يشجعني أشوفه وأنا مو متحمس له

ما أدري أكره الروبوتات والـMecha والـGundam >.> كنت متحمس لـSamurai 7 بعد ما قريت عنه شغلته شوي أول ما شفت روبوتات سكرته

The Sinner

عضو سابق في فريق العمل
بادئ الموضوع #5
ميستا وجون لو انكم قريتوا الموضوع وخصوصا المقابلة كان الرد عالسؤال موجود هناك

المهم جندم مو مرتبط ببعضه بالنسبة للقصة بس بالعصور وهذا الجزء جزء جديد كليييييييييييا يعني ماله دخل بسيد ومايحزنون

وبالنسبة لكم اكيد انصحكم تتابعوه عالاقل شوفوا 5 حلقات منه او 3 واحكموا ومثل ماكتبت الانمي مش الشي الرئيسي حقه ميكا هذا مفهوم غلط في غلط هو اكثر من انه ميكا كونه قصة تحكي عن البشر وحالتعهم بالحروب يعني قصة جامدة وعقدة والجزء هذا بياخذ اشياء كثيرة حنا نعيشها بالعصر هذا بيعكسه من خلال الانمي

The Sinner

عضو سابق في فريق العمل
بادئ الموضوع #6
جون وميستا اقروا هالمقابلة اظن تشيل شكوكم اكثر من كلامي

Excerpts of Interview from Sunrise Board of Directors wrote

Q: Bandai President Ueno told us a new Gundam is being planned. Anything on this?
A: A few days ago, we had company entry exams and many people came in for interviews saying they liked SEED. SEED fans are now entering the work force. Fans like them are important. However, maintaining the current status quo won't allow Gundam to survive another 10 years. We have to create new fans. The new Gundam is for that. We think we will gain new fans with a new Gundam that is neither UC nor CE. Constantly introducing new elements is what makes it Gundam.

Q: When you look at it that way, there's a chance for Gundam in foreign markets.
A: The North American market is difficult. Gundam depicts war through the eyes of characters like Amuro and Kira, who are against fighting. These types of characters and the cruelty of war lend themselves to anti-war themes. But a protagonist like Amuro isn't acceptable in the North American market. It has to be a type of character who fights for his country. If we end up creating a Gundam for the North American market, it will be entirely different from the anti-war Gundam of Japan. I doubt if we could call that Gundam. Instead of introducing the anime to the North American market, we want them to know the story. For example, knowing about Gundam through video games, then going to watch the animated series.

Q: Are you going to continue expanding the Gundam world centering on the First and SEED fandoms?
Ueno: Another thing is we would like to create a 3rd fanbase. While still taking care of the current fans, it is important to capture another fanbase. I cannot reveal the exact
details, but we are currently working with Sunrise on a new Gundam series targeted towards middle/high schoolers

The Sinner

عضو سابق في فريق العمل
بادئ الموضوع #9
همم , يمكن أبدأ أشوفه إذا استحملت أول حلقة...
مثل ماقلتلك جون عط سداح فرصة :) الانمي متعوب عليه بشكل كبييييييييييير واكبر اسم ينزل هالسنة

king zell

Network Director
يسلموا محمد عالموضوع اللي جاء في وقته..

احنا على مشارف أنمي جبار.. اللي ما يعرف جندام بالمرة مفروض يقرأ اسماء فريق العمل و يعرف إن السالفة فيها حماس غير طبيعي
أنمي Gundam الوحيد اللي شفته كامل هو seeds destiny ، الأنمي مشوق ، فيه حلقات كانت تبرد فيه الأحداث شوي بس كمان فيه كتير أحداث تانية رهيبة.

ما أظن بشوف هادا إلا بعد ما ينزل الموسم كامل ، مالي خلق أنتظر حلقة بحلقة خاصة إذا ممكن تمر كام حلقة بدون أحداث حامية.


Executive Member
اووه.. اسف ما كنت اعرف..

The first episode of a new Gundam is fairly exciting as we get to see all four Meisters in action and get a feel for what Celestial Being stands for. I had been wondering about Celestial Being’s contradictory purpose, so I’m glad they’re highlighting that early on in the story because some just feels fishy about it. For all we know, they could have been responsible for the terrorists that they stopped. In any case, I’m interested in how this will turn out since the setting of three major powers plus Celestial Being means that there are more sides at play compared to some past Gundam series, and after Gundam SEED, it was refreshing to see all the “good” guys together on one side to start without a Gundam that needed to be stolen. Of course, something might happen down the line that could change that.

Overall, this wasn’t the greatest beginning (it lacked a certain oomph), but it got the job done introducing the characters and the story, and the animation quality didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t help but think of Death Note’s Light whenever I heard Setsuna talk (since both are voiced by Miyano Mamoru), though that should only take a little getting used to, and Setsuna didn’t really have that many lines this episode. I assume we’ll get more information and background on his character (like how he became the Exia’s pilot) as the series progresses. So far so good…

The Sinner

عضو سابق في فريق العمل
بادئ الموضوع #19

بذبح واحد لازم الحين طقيت مشوار من الخبر للبيت عشان انزل الحلقة وبالاخر الرابط مايشتغل واحد يلحقني برابط تورنت غير موقع جندم سيد لانه مايشتغل

ماجد انت نزلت الملف ؟؟؟؟

The Sinner

عضو سابق في فريق العمل
بادئ الموضوع #20
اخييييييييييييييييرا بعد الطق والدبج بالكمبيوتر الا مانزل ان شاء الله اقل من ساعة وينزل عندي ؟

The Sinner

عضو سابق في فريق العمل
بادئ الموضوع #23
خخخ محمد .. بعد كلايمور أعتقد اني رح أتابع أي أنمي تفتحله موضوع رسمي P:

الله يخليك حسين شهادة اعتز فيها وهذا الانمي صدقني ان شاء الله مايقل عن كلايمور الااذا مازاد عنه اذا هم متوقعين يحطم سيد اللي هو المرتبة الاولى في انميات جندم وعنده فان بيس خرااااااااااافي
لول كنسلوا الملف وأنا أحمله :(، قاعد أحمل النسخة الجديدة.

من الناس الي ما يحبون مسلسلات الميكا وما قد كملت واحد منها، أجرب هذا وأشوف P:

edit: حلقة رائعة! :gasp:
التعديل الأخير:


محرر الألعاب
الحلقة رهييييبة مرة احلى شي صوت البطل زيتسونا هو نفس صوت كيرا ( من ديث نوت) وعندك صوت لوك اون وشخصيته
كوبي بيست من شخصية كروز (اعتقد هذا اسمه من فل متل بانك القناص)
وفية شي انفجعت منه اللي كان يسوق القندام الرابع (فارتشي)
طلع ولد :sealed: وانا طول الوقت كنت احسبة بنت :laugh:

الساوند تراك مش مرة مثل ما انا كنت متوقع يعني اغنية البداية حليوة ولكن اغنية النهايه نصها خايس :(
بس شكل الانمي بيكون من افضل اجزاء قندام اللي طلعت حتى الان
بس شباب وش سالفة القندام اللي اول شي طلع شكله يشبة سترايك مرة
التعديل الأخير:
ما توقعت اقل من هذا من سلسلة مثل جندام... بس للأسف مب كأن الجداندام شوي بدائي صار بالنسبة لسيد , اعرف انه يفقا للقصة بس بعده احبطتني هالنقطة شوي :slant: