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مشاركات الملف الشخصي آخر النشاطات المنشورات معلومات

  • i think it`s but why would you do that?
    take a lok at sword art online 1st ep:cool::
    nothing new
    i want a full review of to aru majutsu no index
    if you can do that
    my friend i was joking with you
    well i am searching for one , but you know they are ugly
    so i don`t think you want something ugly
    another comment=yay me
    i went to the book store it was full of expensive books
    so we really need to find some where cheap
    for both of us
    you are the best my son
    i cant say i am satisfied with it but
    ^i will teach you how to write you feeling when i come back
    now after i full filled my mission i can die
    ^you are not dying bitch
    because you should take my place
    what was the thing you were aiming for
    i wasn`t able to find any books
    next week
    stan shopping center
    be ready for g-spark
    to arrive.
    aha just wait for me to relive you
    btw: i wan`t able to find a used books store
    i will go to stan shopping center tomorrow
    and see what i can get
    that is good
    i am waiting i will read your posts
    even if that is going to be the last thing i do in my life
    hello my friend
    i want a full review of to aru majutsu no index
    by tommoro morning.
    i want to hear al your thoughts
    about it.
    and i love my useless calc wich is not useless anymore lol
    تسلم عزيزي على الصورة
    الحين انا في موضوعك To Aru باحط رد حق الحلقة السادسة (نهاية الأرك الأول)
    أشوفك في الموضوع
    والضاهر انه زي ماقلت الانمي يعجبني لحد الحين
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